Link video  How to get session key with phone at here

Step 1: Generate your secret key 

Input your facebook Id and captcha. click "GET SECRET KEY" .

After getted, you must save this anywhere to too use many time.

DONT SHARE this token to anyone, because with this secret key they can get your SessionId and FacebookId any time

Step 2: Active secret key

In your phone.

Go to Setting > Wifi > Choose you current wifi

Set proxy:

  • HOST:
  • PORT: 8888

Open Dragon City on your mobile and wait for it loading success.

Close Dragon City

Go to  Go to Setting > Wifi > Choose you current wifi > clear proxy.

Done. your secret key was actived.

if you forget your secret key. Do again step 1, your will recive a new Setcret key, and you must active this secret key again