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Stars Dragons advance in rank by the number of opponents they beat in the Combat World. Advancing in rank makes a dragon's attacks more powerful and gives more HP. That helps your dragon beat other opponents of its own level and even higher levels. The first advance in rank earns a bronze star. After gaining three Bronze stars, you move on to Silver; after three Silver stars you move onto Gold; three Gold stars is the maximum rank for a dragon. The message "Your dragon (Dragon name) advanced in rank!" indicates that your dragon has gained another star. Each star increases the power of your dragon's attacks by 5% and also the hit points of your dragon by 5%. As you are going through the stages, you will also notice increases in the critical attack power levels, especially when a dragon has weakness for the attacking dragon. Stars Defeated Dragons Bonus Bronze Star ☆ 5 5% Bronze Star ☆☆ 15 10% Bronze Star☆☆☆ 35 15% Silver Star ☆ 60 20% Silver Star☆☆ 90 25% Silver Star☆☆☆ 120 30% Gold Star ☆ 160 35% Gold Star ☆☆ 200 40% Gold Star ☆☆☆ 250 45%


Dragon Hitpoints Dragons are assigned to Hitpoints (HP) per-level-based values. Grouped in five Categories, also called "Tiers". Each category has diferent values compared with the other categories/tiers, each with a distinctive Level 1's value, and for each following levels up to 40. That is the "standard HP x Lv" value, that is the one is the "base" value for all dragons before any modifiers that could change the "final HP value" like the percentage added by Stars. Each one of the 9 Star's ranks, starting with 1 Bronze and up to 3 Gold, have a modifier-percentage bonus value that will be applyed over the Standard HP value for a dragon's specific Lv at "real-time" depending on wich Category/Tier belongs that specific dragon. Each Category/Tier are no related with any dragon's type, element or other one at all; so they "stands alone" and can be found in different dragons. A specific Hibrid can have the same Category/Tier as a Rare, Exclusive or any other. There is no way for the player to see/know the actual Category or base-HP-per-Lvl, nor the modifiers or related affecting each particular dragon in the game. You can only SEE the actual "final-HP-value" as a number, when a dragon is in combat. It is required in the "Profile" for each dragon... to know the criterias that define "That" dragon (Category/Tier; Kind, ATKs and others) then, crossing that with the possible modifiers a dragon could have, (like actual Level number),you can finally estimate the real HP value of your dragon "at this moment". The "easy" way to know it is putting in combat that dragon and see the HP's number shown in the Combat-Screen. And that info changes constantly. So after each update you will have to redo the process again. There is still hope that someday, the minimal info, like Category/Tier, base ATKs DMG, critical/weakness, etc could be found in the Dragon Book entry for each dragon.

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