Heroic Race


  • For Breeding: Breed Terra and Terra (fastest combination) or Terra and Flame with as Level 4 parents.

  • For Hatching: Breed any combination above. Hatch and place on a Habitat. You can buy Terra or Flame eggs from the Shop and place it on the Hatchery. Just make sure you place it on a Habitat. Some players reported that placing on the Dragonarium also works.

  • For Feeding: Feed one of the Dragons you just hatched and feed it to Level 7, then sell.

  • For Food: Grow Backyard Gardner, the cheapest food to farm and collect after 30 seconds. Repeat this until you have collected the maximum required number you need.

  • For Gold: Collect the gold and based it only on the maximum required number you need for the Node so you will have enough gold to collect if the next Node requires it.

  • For PVP (or League Battles): Fight only the number required for the Node. It also helps to plan ahead how many Battles are required on the next Node that has PVP

  • For Fight (or Dragon Encounters): Make sure you will use a Dragon with good defense and strong attack as listed on the guide.


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You can active any tower in this feature if that tower was built. :]]
Warning:You should get 60s/time 
Condition: For all Account

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